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Serola Biomechanics

Sacroiliac Belt

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The Serola Sacroiliac Belt is an ideal solution for: Back Pain, Hip Pain, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction, Piriformis Syndrome, Upper Leg Pain, Pelvic Pain

How the Serola Sacroiliac Belt Works

The Serola Sacroiliac Belt treats a variety the common problems that result in light, moderate, and even severe back pain. By wrapping the belt around a specific part of the hips, it provides stability to the base of your spine and acts as an external ligament to help put the Sacroiliac Joint back into a normal range of motion. Doing so provides pain relief caused by pulled muscles, ligament stresses or strains, muscle spasms, and pinched nerves in the hips and pelvis. By wearing the Serola Sacroiliac Belt throughout your day, chances of injury are lessened considerably during either work or play.

  • Designed to compress and support the sacroiliac joints
  • 3"" wide SI belt supports the sacroiliac joints relieving stress and instability
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic

The Serola Belt is worn around the hips, not the waist